July 23, 2012 – Marsha, Marsha, Marsha…..

Well I guess I was getting tired of Jeanette getting all of the attention and found myself very sick with what felt like pneumonia and asthma like I had never witnessed.  I had to go to the hospital first thing in the morning at 7:00 AM.  Jeanette called me and I told her (without breath) that I was on my way to the hospital, she said “good I wanted to see you before work” and I said no, I am headed to ER, I do not think I fully got over the pneumonia and could not breathe, she began to pray immediately.  I went to the ER they brought me right in since I had been in the hospital just 2 weeks earlier with the same illness and also noted that I am a prior cardiac patient.  I was checked into the hospital for pneumonia/asthma and then the Dr’s noticed that I had a lot of fluids and wanted to check for congestive heart failure, the did EKG, echocardiogram, ultrasound and then angiogram on Wednesday the 25th, they went in through my right wrist and reviewed all arteries in my heart with contrast dies to get a good look.  They stated that my heart looked better than it did the last time I had a cardiac intervention receiving a stent in my left artery, Praise God!! now back to why I was not getting better in the respiratory department and they are now trying to instead of just packing everything down and forcing the wheeze to subside that they are going to let it be productive and work its way out through an expectorant.  They are also modifying some of my cholesterol medication and blood pressure medication and sent me home today, (the afternoon of Thursday July 26) and told me to stay in bed for 2 days and no driving until then and to return to work on Monday.  I Praise God that there was nothing wrong with my heart, other than my ache that I have for what Jeanette is going through and I know that God IS in control of that situation.  God Is So Good and Loves Each and Every One of Us!!

God Bless You ALL!!

July 21, 2012 Update – Diagnosis Update

Diagnosis Update – Something specific for Prayer and Faith – Believing in God’s Miracles!!  –  This morning the oncologist upped the diagnosis to advanced stage 3 multiple myeloma (there is not a stage 4 with this type of cancer) they want to start radiation and chemo immediately.  Please continue to lift Jeanette up in prayer and me as well as we both continue to faithfully pray for complete healing.  Jeanette is in very good spirits and is standing strong leaning on God.  We have been surrounded by wonderfully beautiful Church Family and the prayers and love surrounding us is a Blessing From God – We Love You All and Thank You for Standing In Faith With Us through this trial.  God Bless You!!

That’s What Faith Can Do!!

It doesn’t matter what you heard
impossible is not a word
it’s just a reason for someone not to try
everyone’s scared to death
when they decide to take that step
out on the water it’ll be alright

Life is so much more
than words your eyes are seeing
you will find your way
if you keep believing

I see dreams that move the mountains
hope it doesn’t ever end
even when the sky is falling
I see miracles just happen
silent prayers get answered
broken hearts become brand new
That’s what faith can do

Jeanette – Status 07/17/2012

**Urgent Prayer Request** – Hi All, we wanted to get out a prayer request and update.  Jeanette had her visit with the oncologist this morning, the results were in from the required further detailed pathological testing of the biopsy taken from the tumor in her right arm (humerus), the “medical” diagnosis is definitive for multiple myeloma.  Jeanette has been struggling with chest congestion/bron…chitis since May and has been on about 4 or 5 rounds of antibiotics.  I inquired to Dr. Story if Jeanette could be treated for the respiratory issue that does not want to go away and the barrage of multiple tests that they want her to have to further identify stage of diagnosis and best path of treatment such as bone marrow biopsy, several MRI’s, SPEP light chain testing and probably several others that I am forgetting at this moment by in-patient few day stay at the hospital and they agreed that would be the best road to get all of the tests completed immediately so we may begin treatment as soon as possible.  Jeanette will be going to Indian River Medical Center later this afternoon (she was exhausted and needed a nap as she is still very fatigued) to have all of the tests completed.  Please continue to lift Jeanette and myself up in prayer this has not only been intrusive to Jeanette physically and both of us emotionally but is now interfering with my employment as my employer is not happy with the time off that I have had from work due to this medical situation and illness that I went through and my employment appears to be in a jeopardized position (just as it seems that we are getting to a calming point, but I guess that is a relative perception), but prayers regarding my employment both in being able to be more consistent to my employer and understanding and compassion on their part would be greatly appreciated.  The bigger and most important picture, PLEASE keep Jeanette in prayer for complete healing, we are both in complete agreement that God has a complete healing in store for her and that it will be a great testimony to God’s Great Healing we both know in our hearts that the diagnosis in simply just a diagnosis and God is the Great Physician and God DOES have the final say in His diagnosis and Healing.  Please stand in agreement with us that God’s Plan IS for Jeanette to receive complete healing and that He gives us both strength to stand and endure this trial and wraps His Loving Peace and Comfort around us both and rains down the Holy Spirit filling us both and overflowing with Peace and Stillness as we stand in Awe of His Wondrous Love.  We love you All, Church family, Family, Friends, Pastors, Personal Pastors, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, EVERY One of You have deeply and dearly touched our hearts.  God Bless You ALL!!